Why Torture is Wrong, and the People Who Love Them

December 8-10, 2011
Student Theater at Agganis Arena

Written by Christopher Durang
Directed by Matt Vuchichevich
Technically Directed by Luke Quehl & Becca Shea
Produced by Ljubica Gavrilovska & Alley Sardi

A regular American woman wakes up one day to discover that:
1) she has married a man that she doesn’t remember meeting.
2) it is Tuesday.
3) he is probably a terrorist.

Devoid of options, she goes to her childhood home in New Jersey, where she can be advised by her father, a red-blooded American with a fondness for butterflies and secrets, and her mother, a theatre connoisseur. Things happen; people laugh; people scream; people cry.


Megan Bernatchez   …..   Felicity
Joe Gambino   …..   Zamir
Allistair Johnson   …..   Leonard
Liz Jerome   …..   Luella
A. Harry Gustafson   …..   Reverend Mike
Jane Kelley   …..   Voice
Alexis Lamper   …..   Hildegarde