She Kills Monsters

April 21-22, 2016
Law Auditorium

Written by Qui Nguyen
Directed by Will Tietz
Technically Directed by Emily McClure
Produced by Robin Ngai and Alex Wong

In the year 1995 in the town of Athens, Ohio, there was a average woman named Agnes Evans whose entire family was killed in a car accident. While going through the room of her deceased 15-year old sister, Tilly, she finds a D&D Module and decides to reconnect with her sister by playing the game. Along the way she makes anything but average journey into the world of the 90s geek and LGBT culture.


Nicole Weinroth   …..   Agnes
Ellie Lavelle  …..   Tilly
Phoebe Horgan  …..   Lilith / Narrator
Masha Vernik  …..   Kaliope
Alicia Winton  …..   Vera
Rabiah Rowther  …..   Ferrah / Succubus
Kelly Tapager  …..   Chuck
Palash Jain  …..   Miles
Marianne Walters  …..   Orcus
Nisha Kishore  …..   Steve
Nicole Wilkinson  …..   Succubus