Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Feb 26-27, 2010

Written by Joss Whedon
Directed by Alex Grandin
Produced by Jennie Davidow

Follow the story of Billy, AKA Dr. Horrible, an up-and-coming super villain, as he struggles to get the girl of his dreams, Penny, and to destroy his arch-nemesis, the dashing corporate tool, Captain Hammer.


Lucas Griswold   …..   Dr. Horrible/Billy
Ted Atkinson   …..   Captain Hammer
Kate Eberle   …..   Penny
Kelly Bedard   …..   Moist
Rebekkah Vega Romero   …..   Groupie / DeadNotSleeping
Rachael Maddox   …..   Groupie / 2Sly4U
Nora Watson   …..   Groupie
Borah Coburn & Elizabeth Ramirez   …..   Newsreaders/Bad Horse Chorus
Ian Cohen   …..   Mayor/Johnny Snow
Liz Breen & Sam Rao   …..   Townsfolk/Various Others