November 15-17, 2012
Law Auditorium

Written by Michael Frayn
Directed by Liam Wang & M R L Williams
Technically Directed by James Racine
Produced by Doug Odell & Emily McClure

The spirits of Werner Heisenberg, Niels Bohr and Bohr’s wife Margrethe, meet after their deaths to attempt to answer the question which Margrethe poses in the first line of the play, “Why did he [Heisenberg] come to Copenhagen?” They spend the remainder of the two-act drama presenting, debating and rejecting theories that may answer that question.


Christine Prouty   …..   Werner “Werna” Heisenberg
Hannah Cohen   …..   Niels “Nels” Bohr
Matt Vuchichevich   …..   Margrethe “Marcus” Bohr