Chamber Music

November 21-23, 2013
Barrister’s Hall

Written by Arthur Kopit
Directed by Erica Cohn
Technically Directed by Patrick Crawford
Produced by Isis Evens & Alley Sardi

When a rumor spreads in the women’s ward of a mental hospital that the men’s ward is planning to attack them, the ladies begin to plan a pre-emptive strike. But as they discuss the best way to scare the men, tensions among the women begin to rise.


Alexis Lamper   …..   Woman in Aviatrix Outfit
Hannah Cohen   …..   Woman with Gavel
Jamie Lin   …..   Woman with Records
Phoebe Horgan   …..   Woman in Armor
Kelly Duffy   …..   Woman in Safari Outfit
Rachel Gill   …..   Woman with Notebook
Kathryn Vaz   …..   Girl in Gossamer Dress
Johanna Gruber   …..   Woman in Queenly Spanish Garb
Gabriel Strick   …..   Man in White
Joe Foster   …..   Assistant