Brighton Beach Memoirs

November 6-8, 2014
Student Theater at Agganis Arena

Written by Neil Simon
Directed by Christine Calabrese & Shelby Pelesky
Technically Directed by Will Tietz
Produced by Emily McClure, Alex Wong, & Jamie Lin

A coming-of-age comedy, Brighton Beach Memoirs drops the audience into the lives of the Jerome family and their live-in relatives as they all struggle in a time where following your dreams is not what is best for the family. This Jewish family goes through ups and downs as the dominating personalities of the characters cause friction along with the impending arrival of their Polish relatives who are trying to escape Hitler’s invasion of Europe. Full of the comical perspectives and challenges a pubescent 15-year-old short Jewish boy must face, this show will have the audience bouncing in their seats with laughter and inwardly reflecting on the dramas we all must face when it comes to family.


Cody Sloan   …..   Eugene
Rei Vardi   …..   Stanley
Mathis Bauchner   …..   Jack
Bianca Nicolosi   …..   Nora
Kathryn Vaz   …..   Laurie
McKenna Coyle   …..   Blanche
Jessica Kaminski   …..   Kate