April 2, 4, 5 2014
Barrister’s Hall

Written by Charles L. Mee
Directed by Matt Vuchichevich
Technically Directed by Emily McClure
Produced by Alexis Lamper & Jamie Lin

A wild road trip through our American landscape-in a play made as one of America’s greatest artists, Robert Rauschenberg, might have conceived it if he had been a playwright instead of a painter: a collage of people and places and music and dancing, of love stories and picnics and business schemes and shootings and chicken jokes and golfing, and of the sheer exhilaration of living in a country where people make up their lives as they go.


Chris Kopishke   …..   Wilson
Peter Egan   …..   Phil
Johanna Gruber   …..   Phil’s Girl
Cassandra Jones   …..   Susan
Miko Dimov   …..   Becker
Amanda Clark   …..   Allen
Hope Roselle   …..   Carl
Caitlynne McGaff   …..   Bob’s Mom
Phoebe Horgan   …..   Pizza Boy
Marianne Walters   …..   as Rollerskater
James Racine, Marianne Walters, Sloane Williams, Helen Silfin, Kathryn Vaz, Christine Calabrese
as Ensemble/Marching Band