Bad Seed

November 17-19, 2011
Law Auditorium

Written by Maxwell Anderson
Directed by Patrick Bryant
Technically Directed by Alexa Justice
Produced by Ljubica Gavrilovska

Eight-year-old Rhoda is the only child of Kenneth and Christine Penmark. Kenneth Penmark goes away on business, leaving Christine and Rhoda at home. Christine begins to notice that Rhoda is acting strangely after one of her classmates mysteriously drowns, and eventually makes a horrible discovery about her daughter.


Lisa Albano   …..   Rhoda Penmark
Marissa Cheifetz   …..  
Hortense Daigle
Ryan Collins   …..   Leroy
Jess Couture  …..   Monica Breedlove
Sean Cunnion   …..   Emory Wages
Chase Koloszi   …..   Dwight Daigle
Joey Martelli   …..   Reginald Tasker
Miles Sherman   …..   Colonel Kennth Penmark/Messenger
Simone Sklan   …..   Christine Penmark
Nat Troyer   …..   Richard Bravo/Radio Announcer
Elaine Whitehead   …..   Miss Claudia Fer