And Then I Wrote…

October 27-29, 2016
Student Theater at Agganis Arena

Written by Jack Sharkey & Mel Buttorf
Directed by Johanna Gruber
Technically Directed by Olivia Lanman
Produced by Giselle Boustani-Fontenelle

A fast-paced comedy about a well known Broadway producer, Bronian Pendrick, who–with the help of his secretary, associate, and star actress–tries to re-write (to the playwright’s dismay) an epic, erudite drama into a crowd-pleasing comedy for his next production. Filled with drama, mystery, shenanigans, and hyenas, this show will have you wondering, will Andrew ever see his play on the Broadway stage? Will actors Alison and Charles land the roles? Will Bronian the producer ever get out of his pajamas?


John Libby   …..   Bronian Pendrick
Ezgi Toper   …..   
Alison Blair
Liam McParland   …..   Andrew Kimmer
Courtney Moler   …..   Annabel Holmes
Ian Spotts   …..   Rory Madden
La’Reya Brown   …..   Frieda Nebcott
Mary Rolfes   …..   V. Nelson Slomber
Palash Jain   …..   Charles Carpenter